Bella Jones (Environment America)

My summer in DC has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I am so grate to have had the opportunity to be a part of this great city and to be so near so many important people, organizations, and political events. I’m so happy to have spent my summer here working and growing as a person along the way.

A few things I’ve learned about working on campaign for clean energy:

  1. Be open-minded – Most of the time you won’t agree with your coworkers or your boss about how something should be done. That’s okay. Be open to listening to their views and be willing to accept them. Don’t give you on your ideas, but be willing to accept that sometimes they may be put on the backburner.
  1. Be positive – At the beginning of campaigns especially, you will experience failure. It happens. It takes time to build a movement and it’s even harder when you’re not from the district you’re targeting. Let it roll off and continue to push forward, even harder.
  1. Be flexible – Seriously. Everyone likes to say they’re flexible. In campaign world, schedules can get crazy. But when it comes to changing schedules and uncertainty in assignments, it’s easy to get annoyed. But it’s important to be okay with that uncertainty.

I will carry these valuable lessons onward with me into my career and my life. Outside of my internship, I really have enjoyed DC as a city. There is so much to do and the community is so involved in festivals and events like Jazz in the Garden and the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. I love the food as well. Someone once told me that DC’s restaurant beat Nashville’s. He was not wrong. My foodie experience in the city has been out of this world. From the abundant farmer’s markets to the unique restaurants, there is no doubt that DC is brimming with dinner possibilities.

I have been so lucky to have spent these two months here, to have gained the insight I have from others, and to have gained the work skills I have. Until next time DC.


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