Ania Szczesniewski (Greenpeace)

Could it really be only two more days? It feels unreal. As interns, we share only a blip with our full-time coworkers. Essentially, we are merely a round of new young faces, soon to be replaced by the next installment of eager, curious, temporary helpers. I think this is important to stay cognizant of so that that you can make yourself an exception to the word “merely.” Cause it’s true: when I think Greenpeace, the people there during my window of employment fill the whole screen. That space is a vast part of their lives though, so the interns are likely the least defining component of their workspace, simply due to our transience.

An impression is built over time, but you need to make sure you end on the best possible note. The saying goes “it’s not where you start, but where you finish.” You can do great for most of your internship and then tear down the reputation you’d built by growing lazy in those final days. Yes, you may be getting tired. Yes, you may be ready to move on. Make sure to stay happy and savor those last few days. Remind yourself of the excitement when you were accepted, that anticipation for the first day, and all the wonderful surprises you’ve had since starting. Fill yourself with that positive energy and tie a bow around your experience. Let this journey be a present for yourself and those you worked with.

Don’t lose professional connections, but above all, appreciate and value the friends you’ve made, regardless of their title. Your fellow interns may not “get your foot in the door,” but they can be precious too. Mine surely are, and here’s a picture of us:

Ania GreenPeace Interns

The people who always made me look forward to a day at the office.


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