Brianna Moreno (U.S. Senator Marco Rubio)

This week I have had the opportunity to work for several staffers on different projects. One project I particularly enjoyed was compiling a comprehensive list of my boss’s work in the western hemisphere. Latin America has always been important to me, and my family has always emphasized the importance of strong relations between the United States and Central & South America. This project allowed me to see all the work the Senator has done in defending human rights in the area, particularly in places like Cuba and Venezuela. The people of these countries do not have the freedoms we enjoy here – if they speak out against their government they face prison, they cannot access food, they do not have the basic rights they should expect from their government. This is a reality my family has known and has always taught me to recognize. Being able to really see every thing the Senator has done for the betterment of others in these areas really made me realize I’m doing work I’ve always wanted to do.


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