Mary Catherine Cook (Cassidy and Associates)

This weekend I went to a talk about the election at the Newseum. This museum offers six floors of exhibits all about the history and the influence of the press in the United States, beginning with the very founding of our republic and ending with today’s headlines. The museum had some amazing exhibits, including a piece of the Berlin wall, the first newspaper to print the Declaration of Independence, and a beam from the world trade center. At the talk, a Washington Post reporter was offering his opinions on Donald Trump’s choice of vice president, the power of the press in this particular election, and several other high profile topics to a packed audience. As I listened, I thought about all of the different veins of political influence pulsing through this city—from the White House all the way down to the legislative assistants in a representative’s office. The idea that all of this power resides in this one city that was built on a swamp never fails to amaze me, and I came away from the talk with renewed awareness of my power as a citizen to influence our political system. Going along with this thought, I attached this picture of me pretending to be a presidential candidate at the Museum of American History because, you know, an intern can dream.

Mary Catherine Presidential Candidate


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