Sophie Jeong (WAMU)

As of this Saturday, I have only two weeks left in my time here in Washington, D.C. Time has gone by really fast. As I reflect on my experience here, I realized the greatest takeaway from my time here was the networking opportunity.

During the first few weeks, I had so much time on my hand. After work, I worked out, caught up on various TV shows and just chilled the rest of the night. As I met new people and started going to events, my chilled evenings are nowhere to be found. I have to send follow-up emails, research background of the person I am going to meet the next day, search for fall internships, etc.

It gets overwhelming sometimes. After you work for eight hours, you still have work to do after work. But I’m so grateful because all these follow-up emails I sent paid off in the end. During my time here, I have met and talked to people working at CNN, NBC4, NPR and Gannett. Not just one person from each company, but multiple.

And when I say the “networking opportunity,” I don’t mean just professionals. I made a lot of friends with Vandy students whom I have never met otherwise. From the VIEW cohort to people who have already graduated from Vandy, I was able to make new friends and catch up with old ones. I already made plans with a couple of people I met here to host a Bachelorette night every Monday when we get back to campus.

Washington, D.C. has a lot of things to offer: politics, history, monuments and overpriced foods, but the best of all, it is the people that I met here that make me want to come back.


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