Andrew Brodsky (Congressman French Hill)

Working on The Hill has been absolutely phenomenal. As James Carville said, “Washington is like Hollywood for ugly people,” but in this case living and working in DC truly feels like I’ve stepped onto the set of all my favorite movies and TV shows. It can be overwhelming at times, and yes, sometimes it might be challenging, at the end of the day you can walk out of your office, see the nation’s capitol, and know that it’s all worth it.

Speaking of the Capitol though – I would be remiss if I didn’t use this blog post to talk about the trend that has quickly taken over the nation. That’s right, I’m talking about Pokémon Go. And if you think I haven’t been catching my fare share of Pikachu and Pidgey from within the walls of the People’s House, you are sorely mistaken. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find many people working in the Capitol – from interns to Members of Congress themselves – who have not been consumed by this craze overwhelming the United States. While many of the Representatives’ offices are still hard at work, it is oddly refreshing to be able to step out into the hallway and catch a Bulbasaur.

Andrew_Pokemon Go

On a more serious note – Pokémon Go has even been able to inspire children visiting the Capitol for a tour. Just a few days ago, I gave a tour to a large group of Upward Bound students from Arkansas. I was not the one leading the tour, so instead I was able to hang out in the back and chat with some of the students more personally. We talked about the capitol, about the legislative process, and yes of course, we talked about our affinity for Pokémon. From that point the conversation shifted. It shifted toward the idea that they could pursue any career they wanted to, even working on the Hill. You see, for those students, seeing an “adult” (ha, it’s still weird to think of myself as an adult) who loves Pokémon just as much as they do and who also works in DC, was a symbol that they too could be successful.

Was it a typical tour of the capitol? Only if you define “typical” as catching a Gastly in the same room where the infamous “Dred Scott” decision was declared. Despite that though, I can guarantee you that those students whom I was able to bond with over Pokémon did so much more than just go on a tour that day. I know I sure did.


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