Tanya Wadhawan (Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions)

Tanya Wadhawan HELP Committee Internship

Nine more hours. Every morning when I come into work, though I am loving working on the Hill don’t get me wrong, I find myself somewhat keeping track of the hours left each day. Working nine to six Monday through Friday is long and can start to take a toll on anyone. I took 18 hours last semester and I thought that was a lot of class but now I am at my cubicle staring at a computer screen for probably seven out of the nine hours a day. I consider myself very lucky and am not exaggerating when I say I am having the best summer I can remember, but when I imagined living and working in DC I thought it would be a little more action-packed and a little less tiring.

Being half way done, I am conflicted with how to feel. I am happy that all my fears from the beginning are squashed and I can capably find my way to and from work and around the city without getting lost (well most of the time at least), cook meals for myself, and even give my first solo tour of the Capitol building to constituents. However, now my new dilemma is only having four weeks left to cram everything I want to do in. Most days after work I just want to come home and go to sleep at 6:30 pm but my new rule is to do at least one thing a day whether that be grocery shopping, meeting friends for dinner, trying a workout class, or going to a museum! So to conclude this blog post I am attaching my to-do list for the next 4 weeks (All you viewers better hold me accountable).

  1. All night at the National Air and Space Museum (They do this once a year- July 1st!)
  2. See the fireworks from Capitol Hill on the Fourth of July
  3. Kayak on the river
  4. Take a Segway tour through DC
  5. Attend the National V. Dodgers (Go blue!) game on July 22nd
  6. Take a tour of the white house
  7. See a concert or take a tour in the Kennedy center
  8. Take a tour of the Congressional Cemetery
  9. Go to the Arlington Cemetery
  10. Go to the National Zoo
  11. Bike ride to Mount Vernon
  12. Picnic at Theodore Roosevelt Island
  13. Go to the farmers market at Eastern Market

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