Adrienne Alderman (U.S. Senate Committee on Finance)

The bed creaks, the thin blinds let the first light just before sunrise spill into my room, and I rise, ready to take on the day. I’m now a month into this working woman routine and I think I have it down, though I am delighted to be greeted by new challenges every day. I like to rise early (5:35 AM recently) and stay up late. I want to take in and take advantage of this city, this life, for as long as I can.

What I have found from approaching my time this way is that the days are long but the weeks are short. To look at the calendar and realize I have just over a month left fills me with a sense of melancholy. That being said, I won’t let my limited time get me too down just yet, so let’s look at the life of the newly wise Adrienne.

I start and end my work day with coffee, whether because it’s the DC thing to do or I’m in need of it from my self-imposed short nights and long days, who knows. For those not yet able to join in on the Happy Hour scene, coffee of the social drink of choice, and I absolutely adore getting to know co-workers and locals over a cuppa joe (except when I spill it on my white dress like I did today).

As a journalist back at school, I’m all about getting the information out of people and getting my story up for the public to consume. Now that I’m working with the press team for the Senate Finance Committee, I’m on the other side of the equation, keeping a watchful eye on coverage of the committee in publications. It;s a learning experience, and one I won’t forget as I find myself back as a reporter in the fall.

Friends and family ask, “Are you enjoying DC? Do you like your internship?” And the answer is Yes and of course, respectively. I’m in a city of motivated young professionals, so I am constantly inspired. Not only that, I’m on the Hill. The protests, sit-ins, hearings, and briefings fill any times of rest I have. I relish every moment here. For a journalist in this city, you don’t just have your finger on the pulse of policy and politics, you stand in the beating heart of the nation. Passions and tensions rise and fall, deals are made, laws are created and eliminated, and our future is shaped.

I am just about halfway through my time here and I intend to make the most of each and every day.


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