Brianna Moreno (U.S. Senator Marco Rubio)

To say that I feel honored to work where I do would be a vast understatement. Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern for Senator Rubio in the Miami district office. There, I interacted with hundred of constituents and helped them in the casework process. This summer, I am interning on Capitol Hill at the DC office. So far, work has been a whirlwind every day. The other interns and I interact with thousands of constituents a day, giving them the opportunity to voice their concerns and pass that information to the Senator. Even in this regard, I feel honored to participate in the political process.

Today, at the end of a particularly active week, we said goodbye to a few interns finishing up their time in DC. This gave a chance to really reflect on this work–especially the work the Senator does every day for the constituents of Florida. Every single day, lawmakers introduce resolutions, amendments, and other pieces of legislation in hopes of compromising on the path to take this country. I cannot explain how grateful I am to aid in the steps to this process. Running paperwork between Senators’ offices, advising staffers after attending hearings and briefings, and interacting with the Senator himself are truly an honor for me. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds.

Brianna and Sen. Rubio


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