Andrew Brodsky (Congressman French Hill)

When I was accepted into the VIEW program several months ago and knew that I would be interning in DC, one thing I knew was that I wanted to work at the Capitol. What a chance it would be, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to work in the very building where our nation’s laws were constantly being created. Little did I know how much that amazing experience would extend beyond the Capitol grounds themselves.

In just one short week at my job with the House of Representatives I have had some amazing experiences. I have had the opportunity to visit briefings on topics ranging from the policy of opioid misuse to school choice to breaking research in robotics. I’ve explored the Capitol building through all its back tunnels without ever having stepped through the front door. I’ve jammed out in the middle of a hearing room with Congressmen from across the country at a reception for the Congressional Rock & Roll Caucus. And of course, I’ve taken selfies with the office doors of just about every Congressman and Senator you can think of.

But that was all just within the Capitol. The amazing thing about DC is the wealth of opportunity that exists throughout the entire city. There are more monuments and museums here than could be explored fully in a lifetime. I’ve tried to put a dent in them this week, but it’s still going to take a lot of work throughout the rest of the summer to try getting them all. If that weren’t enough though, DC seems to be alive with all of the other events happening throughout the summer. Whether it’s Jazz in the Park, a Nationals baseball game, or taking part in a Pride parade, there’s seemingly always something to do.

With all that said, I may have only been here for a week so far, but I can already tell that Washington DC is a phenomenal intersection of politics and play. Through my internship at the Capitol I am able to live out dreams from my childhood, but through everything else the city offers I am able to create experiences I could have never even imagined.


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