Where are VIEW Students Interning?

Meagan Smith, VIEW Program Coordinator

We are now in the middle of week one of the summer portion of the VIEW program, and students are settling into their D.C. home. The VIEW cohort meets weekly to reflect on what we are learning and to discuss what it means to be an active citizen, and it is inspiring to hear the thoughtful questions and discussions of our future civic leaders.

The 2016 cohort represents a wide variety of organizations and career fields. Take a look at where Vanderbilt students will be interning this summer!

I will leave you with an excerpt from the introduction to the book Soul of a Citizen, by Paul Rogat Loeb:

“…Those who get involved view their place in the world very differently. They have learned specific lessons about approaching social change: that they don’t need to wait for the perfect circumstances, the perfect cause, or the perfect level of knowledge to take a stand; that they can proceed step by step, so that they don’t get overwhelmed before they start. They savor the journey of engagement and draw strength from its challenges. Taking the long view, they come to trust that the fruits of their efforts will ripple outward, in ways they can rarely anticipate.”

Thank you for your interest in the VIEW program – visit again soon to follow the journeys of engagement upon which these incredible students will embark!



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