Adrienne Alderman (U.S. Senate Committee on Finance)

Capitol Hill is the land of speed-walking staffers, gleaming buildings, and our nations leaders. After months of anticipation, I’m finally here, and I have to admit, it’s surreal.

I’m from the suburbs and have done my fair share of traveling, but actually participating in the Monday morning commute and making myself look like a proper professional was a new and incredible experience. I know I’m a young adult, but now I’m an employed young adult who knows her way around the Capitol.

The work has not fully started, as we interns are given a few days to orient ourselves, but I’m ready to get going. I know the daily 9-6 grind may be a lengthy one, but I’m passionate about working with my team to get things done.

Beyond all the expected work, I’ve been told that there are endless learning opportunities. Interns are strongly recommended to attend briefings with guest speakers or hearings led by our nation’s leaders so that we may better understand this political system first hand. I plan to take full advantage of that. I know the other members of my VIEW cohort have already begun to send around any interesting opportunities to learn, or at the very least get a free meal while listening to a lecturer.

I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for me, and I hope that I make a difference in any way I can to those I work with.


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